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Not only are the tax authorities spying on us, there are others

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A citizen’s checking account should be covered in absolute privacy for many excellent reasons, but as we shall see this is not the case.

Every Italian’s current account tells a lot about him, his life, and what happens to him even on a daily basis. So it seems quite obvious that The current account must be kept strictly confidential And that no one can access it except for the concerned party. But things are not quite so.

In fact, this year everything changed very quickly. Indeed, this year the tax authority received very insightful powers with regard to the control of Italian current accounts and credit cards. But be careful, because the categories that can peek at our bill are actually quite a lot. As for the revenue agency, the regulatory powers it has received this year is truly unprecedented.

Unprecedented Powers

In fact, the agency will be able to do a very close monitoring of our accounts and credit cards. In order to have the privacy infringement authority, which is so powerful, she had to ask permission from the privacy guarantor who gave the green light, after getting some guarantees. So the revenue agency can check our account but the Guardia di Finanza can do the same. These two subjects can certainly examine the current account of each taxpayer, even if finance has more limited powers. But now let’s see who the other subjects are.

Here are the others they can check out

But also all those who have credits against them are the ones who can check the current account of Italians. However, the subject creditor cannot have direct access to the account as the Revenue Agency does. The creditor must apply to the judge to find out how much the debtor has in the account in order to proceed with the potential seizure.

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However, the category of creditors is also a very broad and indefinite category because in addition to private individuals there may also be Many public bodies and departments can ask the judge these checks specifically to access the availability of any unpaid taxes. Obviously many law enforcement agencies also have access to the account, but even in this case we need permission from a judge and they cannot access our movements automatically and directly like a revenue agency.

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