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Nobody goes to vote anymore –

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Eleven years after the Arab Spring, only 8.8% of citizens have submitted themselves to opinion polls. But the putschist Saeed is steadfast

From our correspondent
Tunisia – Now get rid of the superpowers you’ve given yourself. and go away. Because you don’t keep the seat when the people abstain from voting. What if On Saturday, 91.2 percent of Tunisians Refusing to elect a parliament cannot be considered a parliament
The opposition says all this 8-magnitude earthquake will have disastrous consequences. And Kais Said, the skater, must quit immediately. Fail, address The Arab Maghreb: The newspaper wrote that 8.8 percent of the turnout was not ignored by the right to vote, which was hard won back with the 2011 revolution.. A year and a half ago, did the president turn into a president himself? Today, comments the leader of the National Salvation Front – a cartel of five parties that called for an electoral boycott, first and foremost the Ennahda Muslim Brotherhood – that apparently very few Tunisians support Said’s approach. No need to wait for the votes to be counted, which postpones the final result to the February ballot: for Ahmed Chebbi, the mass abstention is already in itself a massive popular repudiation of the process that began on July 25, 2021, from that time on. coup with what Said was
He froze the House of Representatives, abolished the parties, resigned from the government, and assumed all executive, legislative, and even judicial powers.. Eight hundred thousand voters out of nine million voters spoke their silence, and the popular response came in the face of candidates who were complete strangers: 92% turned their backs on this illegal process that flouts the constitution, and for this it now requires a senior judge who can conduct temporary presidential elections and organize new presidential elections, Without waiting for the 2024 deadline (and before the new parliament, bent on Said’s image, he may try to postpone it …).

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Everything would be logical, in a normal democracy. and in A country so hard hit that its inflation rate (9.8%) is higher than voter turnout. But Said avoids any comment. And they say that he does not consider himself defeated, on the contrary: Electoral participation is modest, if not shameful, according to one of his loyalistsIn fact, this can be explained by the fact that Ennahda no longer receives funding from Qatar. And this would be proof that the president’s apathetic populism is based on a fact: All parties disappear if they cannot support those who vote for them. Altogether, then, these 161 new MPs are reduced to little more than a condominium council, and they fall within the designs of Said who was voted out three years ago precisely because he considered Parliament a useless tinsel. Having dismantled the counter-powers, the head of state completes the construction of an overly presidential system and does not feel like a lame duck at all: in the constitution that was given there are no tools to remove it, even when illegal for it. And we do not see who can do that from the opposition divided forever between Muslims and seculars. Indeed, Said has only one opponent: a devastating economic crisis. Unemployment and boats full of immigrants. As of today, the International Monetary Fund was supposed to lend him 1.9 billion euros, but the money is frozen waiting for real reforms that cannot be seen. Only 200 million have arrived from the European Bank and 150 will be used immediately to buy soft wheat: in this hungry and discouraged Tunisia the difficulty is getting harder.

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