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No-Subscription Cloud Space: Here’s the right choice to get up to 10TB for life

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Most cloud storage services are subscription based They require a monthly or yearly fee to access a certain amount of storage space. Thus, these solutions represent a real limitation for users, who are forced to take fixed annual expenses into account in order to have a cloud service at their disposal.

For those looking for one Cloud space without subscriptionHowever, there is a solution and it is also particularly convenient. About pCloud. The service in question, in fact, does not require a subscription but allows users to make purchases Cloud storage for lifeso that you do not have to undergo a subscription that in the long run may be dangerous.

pCloud suggestions for cloud storage without subscription

pCloud features two different plans, both designed to provide ample cloud storage with no subscription and no expiration. The cloud storage packages provided by the service can be divided into 5 users, which increases the amortization of expenses and obtains a net benefit in the long run.

pCloud’s suggestions are:

  • 2 terabytes of space for up to 5 users at the expense of 499 euros instead of 1700 euros
  • 10 TB space for up to 5 users at a cost 1169 euro instead of 7,600 euros

Even if the numbers matter, pCloud’s offerings are particularly convenient. In addition to the benefit of being subscription-free, you also have to consider net savings in the long run. For example, to get 2TB with Google One, you need to spend €99 per year. With pCloud, on the other hand, the initial cost is enough to access the storage service (which can be shared between 5 users).

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for Discover and activate pCloud offers to have Cloud storage without subscription You can refer to the link below:

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