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Nintendo announces the closure of a beloved video game, it’s an official game

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Bad news for fans of Nintendo products. In fact, the company has officially announced through its Twitter channels the decision to shut down the servers of one of its other major games in the RPG segment.

This isn’t the first time and certainly won’t be the last for N. Toy up to him End Especially when the reason is, it seems, I Loss of profits. It will be at the expense of fans of the mobile RPG game that seemed to be among the most promising: Dragalia Lost.

Nintendo announces the closure of a beloved video game, the ad (Image: Nintendo)

Under the announcement made on the game’s official account on Twitter, there are many who they don’t like See closed servers. Although there are those who give very clear thinking about Reasons Possible by Nintendo. The end has been announced for the next one the summer After another great release Update. We can say that this men-and-dragon based mobile title will truly vanish in the flames of glory.

Nintendo says goodbye to Dragalia Lost, wrecked fans

On Twitter announcing the loss of Dragalia will close Flying next month from July, After the distribution of the second part of Chapter 26, it was understandably received disappointment. From the social network of the blue bird, the posted link indicates an advertisement on the official website that reads: “The main campaign of Dragalia Lost will witness its campaign Conclusion In July 2022 with Part Two of Chapter 26, the last and forthcoming addition to its long history. After the main campaign ends, the game service itself will be closed Later“.

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Nintendo announces the closure of its beloved video game, the ad
Nintendo announces the closure of a beloved video game, the ad (Image: Twitter)

So enjoy what’s coming Soon because they will be the last provocations. Also in the same press release, it was clarified that Next update scheduled for March 31 will actually be the last one Except for content related to the main campaign. We have read several messages from sad players and more than one message asking to convert the game to Offline product To allow players who are still enjoying it back to play.

Then the user expects the same terrible future for mario kart tour, A Mario Kart-inspired mobile game that, however, doesn’t seem to get much attention from Nintendo. Perhaps Dragalia’s problem was also that she didn’t spawn earnings Enough but we can’t blame the gamer audience, who are constrained by Nintendo which has decided to make Dragalia Lost unavailable in some parts of the world.

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