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News and Events – Lo Spazio Bianco

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Eris Brings a preview to Treviso Heavenly anthemThe highly anticipated new graphic novel written by Lucia Biagi. 480 pages, 4-year process, strong narrative structure in perfect synergy with the graphic mark. Biagi’s comeback is truly a great comeback that can’t be missed.

Another preview given at Treviso is the new wordless graphic novel written by one of contemporary cartoonists: deer head From Danijel Žeželj. The famous Croatian author once again gives us an account of the great power, an immersive visual experience, and a drawing so realistic that it is magical, as always the atmosphere of the master of the ninth art.

* Being at the exhibition

Eris has a lot of cars waiting for you on Saturday 24 and Sunday 25

As you read above, there will be Lucia Biagi and Danijel Žeželj, whom you can meet in person and who are looking to sign their books for you. There will be too Armin Barducci With his new job outside the press, yeah1991 It is a graphic novel about coming of age to learn to forgive ourselves with it.

Arrive in Italy from Berlin Darkam with Behind the eyesthe latest version of Stigma Project. You’ll also find the duo Luigi Filippli And the Samuel Canstrari With them dismembered corpse. Saturday morning, too Andrea de Franco Which he posted with Eris last drop.

Finally You – the much-awaited return of four great talents from contemporary comics
Saturday 24, 17.00-17.45, @ Palazzo della Luce
The conversation that Lucia Biagi will intervene with Niccol Pelizon, Fabio Tonto and Marino Neri

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