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New women’s soccer team debuts in Calindasco

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To quote a great classic from the Piacenza dialect comedy, we can chant “Oh Ratchada!”. The “blow” was taken by the girls of Junior Calendasco 2015’s new women’s team in their debut against Piacenza, where they suffered a long streak of goals without scoring anything. However, no one was disappointed or outraged: the new youth soccer team – all girls from 6 to 12 years old – is an untested experience yet. Above all, it’s another boost to the prejudice that football is a “male stuff” and that’s enough to certify its success.

“We tried to form a women’s team in the Kalindasco area, which was historically dedicated to other sports such as basketball,” the manager explains. Lucy Pinocchio From Junior Calendasco. “As soon as we launched the proposal, about twenty girls immediately appeared. This made us very happy and the team was formed so quickly.”

The team consists of Alice Cantoni, Greta Chiesa Malvicini, Giulia Crimisi, Ginevra Dorotia Nospa, Alessandra Rigoli, Anna Averso, Soria Vanilla, Ambra Ingolia, Elenia Lavorese, Rebecca Quaggliuta, Giulia Baracola and Greta Camarani. Nicole Anselmi, Martina Bilan, Emily Cola and Diana Josefowska. To train them, coach Syria Zangara helps Carlotta Querin.

Details in Christian Brusamonte’s article

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