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New WhatsApp feature | Nothing will be like before, Incredible Pictures

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The method of communication has evolved a lot over the years, From being a privilege reserved for those who can afford paid SMS, to this day Anyone communicates for free with all their contacts. Whether you want to ask your mom something or organize a FIFA 23 tournament with friends, We have several ways to instantly communicate with anyone who pleases usThe. WhatsAapp is an instant messaging service that over the years we have all learned to know and use, iThe service that opened the door to advances in instant communication.

But despite the widespread popularity and popularity of the service, Some jokes continue to stick. However, the WhatsApp team is not present And tries to meet everyone’s needs in the best and simplest way possible. Will he manage to make even the most distrustful of people happy with his new job?

Send pictures on WhatsApp

The net goodies that WhatsApp has brought to the world of instant communication, Some issues continue to irritating users who are increasingly migrating to other messaging services. Although WhatsApp does not fit And he continues to propose solutions to various problems, demonstrating this Strong focus on community.

One of the complaints is that the US company belonging to the Meta group has found itself most often responding to concerns about the quality of images sent and received.

In fact, users are complaining about losing the quality of the images that are being sent through WhatsApp. Of course, not a big deal if you just need to send a meme to friends or good morning to your aunt, but it becomes In case you want to use the service for slightly more professional purposes Like sending high quality graphics or images directly to WhatsApp.

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Basic, From both iPhone and Android, WhatsApp reduces the quality of photos sent by about 70%. The reason has to do with trying to send all messages, including photos, as quickly as possible This is to allow smooth conversations. However, all this can become frustrating if we want to get a high quality image.

just to address this problem, WhatsApp has come up with a solution that will make fans of high-quality photos happy.

Send high quality images on WhatsApp

The new feature introduced by WhatsApp will revolutionize the way we communicate. In fact, it will allow you to send and receive photos and images in high qualitywithout the quality being compromised in any way, avoiding the frustration of those looking for the sharpest images possible.

The procedure to activate this function It’s very simple And it will allow you to use WhatsApp to its full potential without having to compromise!

Let’s see together how you can activate this useful function. Sending photos in high quality will be possible on both iOS and Android devices, so you have no excuses!

first of all, Open WhatsApp on your phone. If it is not installedgo to do so from PlayStore or from the App Store. You may need to update before you can use this feature, however Make sure that the installed version is the latest.

Once you open WhatsApp, Click on the three dots in the upper right corner of the screen. From there it will open for you Drop list With so many items and you will have to choose “settings”. Once you click on Settings, you will have to search for the item “data space”.

Click on “Data Area” You will be directed to the page where it is possible to change various settings when receiving and sending data, whether it is text or even images. Once you are on this screen, scroll down until you see the submenu Average download quality where one of the entries will be Image upload quality. The quality will probably be set to Auto.

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You will then Click on this item and in the list that opens, select the second item “better quality”. And that’s it, you are ready to receive high-quality pictures and photos!

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