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New release date and DLC or Season Pass revealed soon? –

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starfield It has been pushed back to 2023 but other than that, we still don’t have any information on what’s new release dayHowever, some suspicious moves in the Steam database indicate that this, as well as the possible presence of DLC or Season PassCan We will reveal soon.

After several months of absolute calm, SteamDB Report some changes that have occurred these days on the Starfield Steam page: in this case, it is the presence of a new “package” visible in the database, which can indicate additional content for the base game, as well as a change in the release date.

Also according to SteamDB, Starfield has now been reported December 29, 2023even if the change is not visible on the official Steam page.

Starfield, illustration

It’s worth noting that this date has everything in place, as it is usually placed at the end of the year so as not to create any problems, however the fact that the information has been changed recently is a clue. About whether the release date officially decided It may be revealed soon.

So we’re in the realm of speculation, but it might be a good time to officially announce a new Starfield release date, since that didn’t even show up in the first trailer with gameplay shown at the Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase last June. Remember, the new Bethesda game was expected to arrive in November 2022, but it has since been pushed back to 2023 and doesn’t have an exact release date yet.

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