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‘New’ Fortnite Canceled, Incredible Pictures

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The sudden cancellation of the “new” game Fortnite has left us stunned. Some of the pictures that have appeared online show how amazing it was

Over the past few hours, it has been one of the video games that can be considered “the new” fortnite It was canceled and that didn’t satisfy us very much. In fact, it often happens that some video games, even if they have a very strong brand behind them, can come Deleted Hence not seeing the light as expected.

New Fortnite has been canceled, unfortunately it’s out of the development team’s plans (Source Epic Games)

A prime example is Marvel games, except for Spider-Man from Marvel, an address that the community welcomed with open arms. The same fate happened to that game that could turn into the next Fortnite, a title that has been proven to be flop from the start. Square Enix He also talked about a failure related to the Avengers game. In short, it appears that a file Marvel heroes It fails to keep pace with the gaming market.

The sad fate of “the new” fortnite

Although a glimmer of hope was seen in the franchise Marvel SnapNow do not knock again on the doors of the avengers. Something similar happened to galaxy keeper, a title in which he placed a lot of hope and who then did not get the results planned in this way. Despite everything, the development team seemed to have no regrets. In the past few hours, Games Radar shared the news of the game’s investigation being halted Marvel MMO That kept the team busy Dawn Games. This is what this title is all about that had all the characteristics of becoming a game Very similar to Fortnite. But why did they choose to move in this direction? It seems that the motive is precisely in the investment, one exaggerated sum to implement the project. That prompted the team to decide to devote themselves to something much smaller and less expensive.

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New Fortnite Canceled
New Fortnite has been canceled, unfortunately it’s out of the development team’s plans (artstation source)

Definitely make a file MMO in it all Marvel heroes It was something that caught the audience’s attention a lot. An option that saddens fans even more, if you think about the fact that they also announced some things to the public in the past few hours screenshot Where the work done so far is shown. So is the designer Ramiro Galan He chooses to share some photos and thus puts them in a wallet artstation. Certainly, this game would have stood out from the others as it has some very interesting and unique features. As you can see both the menus and the interface, which goes through the graphic style, makes us understand how similar it really is to the game Fortnite.

Moreover, based on some screens that are always revealed, it seems that players can even make the decision Which faction to join. When they went to create the character, you can even customize themed missions and rewards. In addition, Marvel MMO has such an important and respected online segment as Epic Games’ Battle Royale. It is unfortunate that it is no longer in the team’s plans to bring it up in public.

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