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New deadlines for data submission

New deadlines for data submission

POS Payments: The deadlines for sending POS data to the Revenue Agency have been extended. With a new provision, the agency has decided to allow more time to send data of daily operations using electronic payment tools: let’s see the details together.

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L ‘revenue agency moved Extension of deadlines for sending communications related Payments made through points of sale.

The decision, as indicated in the judgment, takes into account Technical difficulties for operators To respect the deadlines, which is why the agency decided to change the pre-set deadlines.

In the following article we see all the news related to the topic and New deadlines to be met.

Point of Sale Payments: New Data Communication Deadlines

Revenue Agency 1200 & # 215;  675

Important news for i Payments made through points of sale: There will be more time Transfer the contact on the data to the revenue agency.

The agency itself, in fact, decided Extension deadlines due to technical difficulties faced by operators. under the New deadlines to be respected:

  • For POS payments made after September 1, transmission will begin September 5th, with the deadline set at October 15 2022;
  • On the other hand, for payments with POS related transactions calculated from January 1 to August 31, 2022, the deadline is postponed to November 30, 2022.

The previous deadline was to submit by September 5 for transactions made from September 1 and by October 31 for those booked between January 1 and August 31.

Moreover, as reported by the revenue agency itself, it was Extend the deadline for sending information flow by one day Which, based on previous indications, must be sent within the second business day following the accounting date of the transaction. From this moment, when it is fully functional, the data must be transmitted by The third working day after the accounting date.


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