September 27, 2023

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Gran Turismo 7 with PlayStation VR 2 is amazing, says John Linneman’s Digital Foundry –

Gran Turismo 7 with PlayStation VR 2 is amazing, says John Linneman’s Digital Foundry –

The inevitable video analysis by Digital Foundry, technology enthusiasts, awaits John Lineman had already expressed an enthusiastic, though not definitive, opinion regarding Gran Turismo 7 with PlayStation VR2He described it as an experience amazing.

In a comment on Twitter, the journalist and video producer at Digital Foundry also talked about one aspect in particular that fascinated him, namely the glare of the headlights reflected in the rear-view mirror at night races, so bright that it almost resembled reality. One.

“Well, Gran Turismo 7 in VR is amazing. One small detail that caught my eye: the HDR glare of the headlights in the mirrors during night races. You’ve never seen anything like this in a game,” said Linnemann.

Obviously, to get a complete picture of the graphical and technical characteristics of Gran Turismo 7 with PlayStation VR2, we will have to wait for more in-depth analyses, including from Digital Foundry. In any case, Linneman seems content for the time being, noting that when playing in VR, limited reflections ruin the immersive experience and a glitch that apparently causes the app to crash if the game is installed on an additional M2 SSD (although it was also present in the former A copy of the game before the PSVR2 update).

In the meantime, we refer you to all the details of Gran Turismo 7’s core patch 1.29, which in addition to PlayStation VR2 support also includes four new cars.

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