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New Amateur Hockey Starts: ‘We’re ambitious and aim to win’

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Interview with coach Andrea Ortoni

Vercelli (04.09.2022 – 23.13) – Amatori Hockey Vercelli starts the season with ambition. sponsoring company Salvatore Tarcia He will meet on Tuesday 6 September at Pala Pregnolato to start sweating, under the guidance of the new sports coach Gigi de AquinoIn light of the new season. A season that could see yellow and green in the role of great champions.

The signature campaign carried a class cannon to Vercelli, Ricardo Bernabécoming from Agrate Brianza, and a trustworthy goalkeeper, Fabio Errico, last season at A1 in Correggio. He confirmed all the other players who came close to qualifying for the National Finals last season, starting with the striker Federico Ortiz.

He will be sitting on the seat of Vercelli again this year Andrea Ortogni (in the cover photo), Now the flag of the yellow-green community. The Novara coach assessed the situation on the eve of the official start of the season.

“There is no point in hiding, the goal is to win everything possible, be it the championship or the Italian Cup. The minimum we set ourselves was to qualify for both stages” – says Ortoni – “As for the newcomers, we faced a great goalkeeper from a higher category, who must play permanently in A1. We are very pleased to have Errico involved in this project. And Burnaby will also give us a big hand, especially in defensive terms which we missed quite a bit last year. We were a front-wheel-drive team, we preferred to attack, and we left a lot of defensive space. With him we believe we have filled this gap.”

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Regarding opponents on the Tournament Tour, Ortogni is not lopsided: “We will get to know Agrate, Roller Lodi and Wasken Lodi along the way, even if I think they are more or less powerful than last season. There will be an impurity of the unknown. If we then qualify for the final stages, we’ll see what opponents can happen to us. Too close to make judgments now.”

Ortoni concludes the interview with optimism: “With the team we’ve built, between the new arrivals and the players we’ve confirmed, I don’t deny that I have high expectations. We set out to fight on all fronts, hoping that everything would go well, without any obstacles or various injuries. The club has made available to the team everything needed to make the most of it, both from a technical and from an institutional point of view. The unknown is always training, as our players are not hockey professionals, and session times are determined by the work and personal commitments of the boys. I repeat, there is a lot of optimism and ambitions as well.”

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