November 28, 2023

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Netanyahu changes his appearance during the war, but does not want to adopt the “Zelensky style”

Netanyahu changes his appearance during the war, but does not want to adopt the “Zelensky style”

Jerusalem – First he took off his tie. And so – in a white shirt unbuttoned at the neck – Welcomed at the airport Joe Biden, USA President. Then replace the white with black, whether it’s a shirt or a t-shirt The lightweight jacket he was wearing in photos with Giorgia Meloni, Prime Minister, even though the temperature in Tel Aviv rose above 30 degrees while they were inside the house. baby, As he is nicknamed, he gradually changes his wardrobe for official photos published by Israeli newspapers.

At the conference announcing the limited security government, he was photographed wearing a dark suit and purple tie, sitting in the middle of it Yoav GalantMinister of Defense, and Benny Gantz, Minister of Defense and former Chief of Staff, both dressed in black: he looked like a “civilian” led and controlled by the two former generals. It never happened again. During his visits to the front – yesterday, north of the border with Lebanon – he wears a bulletproof vest for security reasons, but also to prove that he is the military commander of the campaign. More than just appearing in military uniform like Volodymyr Zelensky – Yedioth Ahronoth newspaper indicates – Netanyahu He needs to get rid of the aura of separation from the people, one that also emerged from the corruption trial with the cases of pink champagne and cigars that he received as gifts from international business leaders, that has accompanied him in these years of power since 2009. Between the Prime Minister’s request for a plane Specially designed “at his level” luxury hotels during foreign visits that extend over weekends without diplomatic reasons.

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Yedioth, the country’s best-selling newspaper, claims that Prime Minister – he turned 74 years old on Saturday – It will not push for an excessively “military” approach: in Israel, as is correct and required by law, the distinction between the roles between the General Staff and the government is clear. The fact that the leaders of the armed forces have already taken responsibility for the disaster that occurred 16 days ago could also factor into the calculations of the country’s longest-serving prime minister. Baby No: It’s better to keep your distance even in colors, no olive green or camouflage.