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NASA bans use of Emu spacesuits due to water loss »Science News

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After water was found in an astronaut’s helmet, NASA suspended everything but the most urgent spacewalk. Water was found in the helmet worn by astronaut Matthias Maurer after a spacewalk on March 23.

Source: Twitter / @deccan_Cable

there The National Center for Aeronautics and Space Administration Temporarily blocked the use of space suits Economic and Monetary Union (Out-of-vehicle mobility unit) after Water leak I found it last March inside the worn out suit by a german astronaut European Space Agency (ESA). A similar episode actually happened against Luca Parmitano in 2013.

These special spacesuits are used by astronauts to perform extravehicular activities (Eva) Outside International Space Station (Issuance). The Emu . space suit I am currently under investigation Meanwhile the results are obtained, astronauts will be able to wear them to exit the International Space Station exclusively for emergency repairs or other obstacles. This is what he explained Dana Weigldeputy director of the space station program at Johnson Space Center in Houston, during a press conference valid for the flight test of the Boeing Starliner capsule.

Deputy Director Weigel, according to the news agency handleannounced: “We are looking for obvious signs of contamination, dirt or anything else that may have entered our system, but at the moment we haven’t found anything yet.” From the last spaceflight on March 23, it turned out that 50% of the astronaut Maurer’s mask was covered in a light layer of water and that the absorbent pad on the back of the helmet was wet.

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The suit in question is currently still in orbit and should return to Earth next July and aboard a Dragon, so we can dig deeper into the matter. This issue does not affect the extravehicular activities of astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti, as she will be wearing the Russian Orlan suits in which she carried out the exercises.

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