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Turin opens the Turin Film Festival

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The traditional red carpet and the scent of popcorn at the opening of the Turin Film Festival, 39th edition, the one that signals a post-pandemic resurgence in flow. The curtain rises at the Uci Cinema inside Lingotto with the massive “Sing2” movie from Universal Pictures. In the large room in front of the screen with the poster mentioning the dates of the festival (until December 4th) is the director Garth Jennings NS Frank Marano Who gives voice to the character of Darius: “From a young age I love cartoons and animated films, so when you have the opportunity to give voice to something that does not exist, it is exciting,” said the actor and voice actor, who is especially happy to be in Turin this evening: “It is a city that hosts the smartest people in Italy.

There is also a godmother Emanuela Vanelli, who jokes: “The last time I was a godmother was at my cousin’s baptism.” also in the audience Neri Marcourier, Tff Manager Stefano Francia from Sil and cinema museum Domenico Di Gaetano with the president Enzo Jeju. In the first row, the jury with the president Ildico Ennedi NS Alessandro Gasman.

Starting this evening and for a week, movie fans will be able to meander through the cinemas (Massimo Lucia Greenwich and Osei, and three parish churches): 181 films including 12 films in competition and 11 first films on the bill.

Photos by Danielle Solavagionni (Reporters)

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