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Naples: until May 6 “From the picturesque space to the theatrical stage” – Campania

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Academy of Fine Arts: workshops, performances, central scenography

(ANSA) – Naples, April 26 – A special project promoted by the Academy of Fine Arts “From Scenic Space to Theater” (chaired by Rosetta Marches and directed by Renato Laurie), coordinated by the School of Scenography. Professor Antonio de Ronza, created and choreographed by Mr. Aurelio Gatti, Choreographer, Director and Coordinator of the National Network of Stone Theatres. Nine days, over fifty hours of in-depth analysis, “theater off-theater” testimonials by the experience of scholars, supervisors, artists, directors of archaeological sites, workshops and performances, until Friday, May 6, during which the Bell Arti Academy “confirmed – event promoters note in a note – To a special place, the generator of unprecedented visions to express poetic truth, and the seat of a new relationship between performer, spectator and audience.”

The aim of the project “through a formative, performative and experiential path is to deepen the character and the role of the scenographer in the current change of the idea of ​​theater space and theatrical place. The theater outside the theater building, the dissemination of the performance activities of the performance focused on a specific location, the cross-contamination of the various arts and emojis, represents the main stimulus For the entire project.Science and technology, from cinema to digital, have decisively altered the relationships with space and time, the foundational elements of theater and dramatic action, still evident.

The change brought about by this transformation affects the characteristics of the arts, and their interconnectedness leads to the birth of the new “space art”, a scenography for theatre. Theatrical venue is a tangible place and always will be, and as such, is governed by the laws of physics, the organizers say. The theater space itself becomes the language of drama, the seat of a new relationship between actor, theater and audience: a private space, a place that generates new relationships, where poetic truth is expressed. (handle).

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