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Mysterious heist at Toronto Airport, Canada: Gold bars worth twenty million stolen

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New York – A sensational vintage heist: A gang of business professionals is kidnapped from Canada’s largest airport, Pearson International. TorontoOne and a half ton load Gold nuggetsWorth over twenty million dollars. The metal arrived on a cargo ship and was transferred to a shielded area within the airport. Here, the Canadian police explained, without going into details, that “he was taken illegally” and loaded into a van. It is not known if there are any suspects or if any arrests have been made. Police did not want to name the airline responsible for the operations. The airport was closed for 18 minutes due to a series of problems, but police declined to say whether the blackout at the airport was related to the attack. “This is a very rare occurrence,” said Inspector Stephen Duestein. “The only important thing is to resolve the case quickly,” he said.

Toronto is the destination airport for all the gold collected from the mines and shipped to foreign markets. Most international cargo flights depart from Toronto. The Royal Canadian Mounted Police is handling the heist, reminiscent of the famous heist of 1983. Englandas recorded in history Brink’s Mad RobberyWhen from the international airport Heathrow, in London, three thousand kilos of bars and diamonds and cash disappeared. According to local media, despite the scale of the coup, it would have been the work of a local gang, which would have had the decisive support of someone working inside the airport. “We’re still trying to figure out how this was possible,” a company spokesperson said Royal Canadian Mounted Police. The problem for burglars, analysts say, is that they can place loads, a difficulty that burglars faced forty years ago.

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