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My son is excluded from the soccer team.

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Carrara, June 2, 2023 – Excessive pressure around a baby can have harmful effects. This is how a The thirteen-year-old had to leave the Carrara youth team Because of relatives who are also… fans.

Someone said that My mom in an open letter to the editorial staff“My son has been playing in a professional youth sector team in our city for four years but was kicked out at the end of the season, overnight, without any prior notice or warning. He was always present at training sessions And called to matches, polite and correct with the coach and teammates, ready to sacrifice and get up early in the morning for the tournament, and skip the cinema or friends’ birthdays if he had to be on the field the next day.

His only weakness is that he has a father and a grandfather Lots of fans – he continues – very awkward, very intrusive on the sidelines and in the stands. The result is that Child He was fired From the team though he is a deserving and confirmed element for next season. The behavior of adults close to him is deplorable, condemned and justly punished.

Instead, it was chosen to ship consequences for the minor. I asked whoever carried out this disciplinary measure if they could limit themselves to removing unwanted people from stadiums, but according to their regulations, that was not possible. You can’t imagine what it means to say something like that to a child; Tears, bitterness, disappointment, the mother’s sense of helplessness, and her eagerness to answer her classmates’ questions at school. This is what adults have created who impose their choices and deprive children of their dreams.”

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“In all this – he concludes – however, I must thank those who, on the other hand, have already taken action the next day to give him a smile and the desire to play and have fun. I thank all the staff of the Carrara amateur club who welcomed him and work so hard to get him back on the field promptly and re- His self-confidence, I hope, is back in adults. I hope my son’s negative experience serves as a warning to all parents who are invading their children’s space and taking away their freedom to express themselves at their best.”

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