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Museum of Science, Digital Art and Music for New Connections

Museum of Science, Digital Art and Music for New Connections

Milan, Oct. 21 (askanews) — An art installation of eight intuitively played electronic musical instruments explores the power of music to connect people, as well as how digital technologies can enhance individual and collective expression. The “Cave of Sounds” project was presented by the National Museum of Science and Technology in Milan by Tim Murray-Browne and Music Hackspace Ensemble.

It’s a different way of approaching science and technology, it’s unexpected in some ways, and it’s also very close to the scientific language, Maria Zanthodaki, the museum’s director of education, told Askanews. And speaking of digital art, we’re talking about a world with a lot of technology and a lot of science inside. So we at the museum believe in contexts of exploration that invite people to construct their own experience, to investigate these interweaving, these dimensions.”

The educational aspect is fundamental to the museum managed by Fiorenzo Galli and the aim of the Cave of Sounds is also to bring the study of scientific subjects closer, starting from different points of view. One of the supporters of the project and installation is Cassa Depositi e Prestiti. Marco Battaglia, Head of Communication, Identity and Content at CDP, said, “It is a collaboration – with a very clear goal, which is to encourage and support a new generation approach to the STEAM disciplines. So science and technology and all of those disciplines are the foundation of the ability to generate innovation. Innovation is a key word in our mission To support the sustainable development of the country, because without innovation there is no development.”

By immersing themselves in the sounds and relationships that the Cave of Sounds makes, one also understands how the work helps increase the openness of mind in those who explore it. “We must break down disciplinary barriers – added Maria Zanthodaki – and make people understand more and more the complexity behind this tangle.”

One of the goals of the work, as well as of the Museum of Science and Technology, is to emphasize the leading role that each of us can play in our own experiences, however, and to be included in a broader context of participation.


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