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More than 10,000 jobs in high-risk corridors

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It is no longer possible to separate the sectors affected by higher billing rates and those that are not. In the next article we will analyze the situation regarding the arcades whose bills are more than 150%. This scenario could cost about 10,000 employees their jobs.

They often go unnoticed, but game rooms They are numerous and prevalent in Italy, a land famous for its passion for gambling and betting. However, given that it is a sector that relies heavily on energy, energy bills are expected to grow by 150%, putting at risk more than 10 thousand jobs.

Let’s see the details of the story, trying to understand how companies in this sector can be rescued.

Energy crisis: How many corridors are at risk?

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we see How many galleries are at risk of closing in Italy due to high energy prices. It is estimated that with increases in venue, of the order of 150%, the number of theaters that could close their doors is approaching two thousandrobbed the jobs of about ten thousand people.

These are Agipronews’ words about it:

While major retailers are reporting unprecedented increases in billing cost, energy costs for arcades have doubled as well, with price increases of 150%. Higher billing costs added to the economic and financial crisis that followed the pandemic could lead to the closing of at least 15% of points of sale.

Energy: hallway costs are rising

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The problem is Energy bills costs that are becoming unsustainable For the majority of businesses and therefore also for arcades. As Maurizio Uggi, Vice President of Agisco explains, the only companies that have been bailed out are those that:

They made a contract “with the prohibited component, but in other cases we doubled or tripled the bills. For a 250m2 agency with a smoking room, we average 4500/5000€, which is currently amortized according to government procedures, otherwise it will not be sustainable.

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