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More space for tables and chairs outside the Passeggiata Il Tirreno building

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Viareggio. Additional public lands for food and drink supply activities – as well as for artisanal food activities in the municipal area that already has a public land concession with Dehor – are valid from May 1 to October 31: to be approved in the next municipal council, May 10 has already been set, the law that Accepts order from merchants, especially merchants from Passeggiata. The commercial area of ​​the city, which, due to its historical shape, contains the smallest rooms within it. The same places that have the largest number of customers often have to wait a long time.

The need for space for tables and chairs in addition to those normally granted and paid for has arisen during the pandemic, motivated by the mandatory distances that must be maintained. As soon as the state of emergency ended – we read in the decision submitted to a vote of the Council members – “the attendance of visitors and tourists increased significantly, especially in the summer period also in connection with a significant increase in recreational and sporting initiatives and events.” cultural that assumes the need for an increasing number of reception spaces.”

The green light given by the municipal administration for additional public lands, in exchange for a fee of 50% of the expected amount for each individual requesting the activity, had expired at the end of 2023. The checks conducted by the municipal police in recent weeks, with the hint of removing furniture placed on additional public lands, This led to a meeting between the park operators and the municipal administration. The meeting that led to the approval of the ruling.

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Through which “the occupation is granted, exclusively with removable tables, chairs and umbrellas, an additional area of ​​paid public land. A maximum of 50% in addition to the space already regularly granted.”

Space which, with respect to the walkway, “is also permitted in the space between the front and side facades, as long as passage along the sidewalk remains free.” It is possible to increase the space as long as the additional space “is not located at the frontage of another adjacent property, unless there is a formal agreement signed by the person entitled to it attached to the application.” A formula similar to that used in previous years.

The new text, in addition to solving the urgent problem for merchants, stipulates exceeding the deadline at the end of each year for the previous exemptions granted, and amending the regulations for applying the real estate fee on the franchise, license, or advertising exhibition approved by Municipal Council Resolution No. 84 dated December 19, 2022.

Once the decision is approved, a seasonal public land occupancy formula will be introduced for the period from May 1 to October 31, in order to avoid any potential confusion for the coming years.

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