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Monte dei Paschi di Siena, it’s really over: all abandoned checking account holders are closing, no more withdrawals

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Monte dei paschi di Siena: total abandonment of its customers (Web) –

Monte dei Paschi di Siena is arguably the oldest Italian banking institution still active in the region and has many clients.

I think he was born in the distant past 1472 To help all citizens of the city in which it was founded. Then he was called Monte Bio And it was mortgaged. It is a bank with a history of 550 years which makes it the longest-lived in the world, despite the many difficulties that have arisen, especially in recent years.

Just think of the scandals, suspicious deaths, investigations of the past decade. But that’s another story. Indeed, in spite of everything, this bank, along with others in the group, is the sixth in Italy. She is proud of the many clients who have entrusted her with their life savings. However, unfortunately, the crisis manifests itself in every region.

And this bank was and still has its problems. Do you think it recorded a big loss in the last quarter of last year? A financial vacuum was endangering the Institute’s resilience. Despite the reassurances of the general manager, Luigi Lovaglio, about the repayment of the contracted debt, the outlook for savers is by no means positive.

Again a change is in full swing, a new plan of action. And this does not bring good news to anyone. Indeed, it is believed that Monte dei Paschi di Siena, as well as the other banks in the group, can align themselves with other credit institutions and follow the path opened by them. In fact, it is a behavior that many users have already noticed.

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We are heading towards giving away customers: Monte dei Paschi di Siena is ready to cut down the branches of its tree.

In fact, instead of pruning to rejuvenate the plant, it really looks like a real cut. In fact, the consequences can already be seen in some regions of Italy. In fact, many citizens are having problems interacting with branch operators in the area and are no longer able to make cash withdrawals.

Close MPS ATM (Web) –

A situation similar to that faced by account holders of other credit organizations. Just think that with regard to Monte dei Paschi di Siena, in the province of Vicenza, many branches and ATMs have been eliminated. The result is that no one can withdraw cash from his countrymen, but have to travel many kilometers to be able to do so.

And it will only get worse. The grave situation of the Vicenza region will spread like wildfire throughout our country. This is a reduction in the costs of managing branches and counters. Thus, when there are no physical branches next to it, it has a higher cost than those within branches. In short, cost reduction disguised by the desire for electronic, cashless or cardless payment is spreading.

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