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Mobile phone, how to mount it properly to avoid damaging it: You are always wrong

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Charging your phone is essential, but are you sure you’re doing it right? Let’s find out the common mistakes.

Pixabay Photo phone charger

the Mobile phone It has now become an essential part of our lives, but it needs to be recharged for it to work. There are a number of very common mistakes made when charging your mobile phone that can ruin it in the long run.

For example leave Completely discharge the battery Before charging the phone, this is not a good habit at all. You need to know all the tricks to make your cell phone last longer, so let’s find out how to make your phone battery last longer.

there Many mistakes Committed daily which in the long run can lead to the battery of the mobile phone dying out and so the phone starts having problems and the battery will last less and less.

Mistakes you make when charging your phone

Battery charger how to use it
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there There are many rumors Regarding charging a mobile phone, for example, we often hear that we have to completely discharge the mobile phone before putting it into service because in this way it will last longer, but in reality this is not true.

The remaining charger in the socket without a mobile phone, does it consume it like this?

that it Bad habit You have to wait for the phone to be completely discharged before plugging it back in, which can damage the phone’s battery in the long run. You are exposing your phone to heat stress and thus risk irreversible damage. Since not all smartphones are available for battery replacement, it is best to avoid this incorrect behavior.

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also Exceed shipping levels Wrong, it may actually cause the device to overheat and reduce its service life. But then we can’t help but wonder what’s the optimal level for a phone’s battery.

this value It should not be less than 15% and not exceed 85%. When the mobile phone drops below 20%, a system message appears warning us that it is time to charge it, while we must pay attention to it and unplug it before the device reaches 100%. In general, a value between 15% and 85% is a good behavioral criterion to be able to guarantee that the phone will be able to maintain its autonomy for a long time.

Another bad habit Is leaving the device charged overnight, that’s a big mistake. While we are sleeping, we cannot notice that our phone has reached the maximum charge level and is therefore overloaded.

Overheating of the phone: how to intervene? Small consequences of abnormal heat

Once in battery reaches 100% Then they tend to overheat and wear out, making it necessary to replace the battery or buy a new smartphone. So it is these bad habits that can damage your phone.

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