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Miyamoto has nothing against violent games, but Super Mario isn’t going to walk around with a gun

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Creator of Mario Shigeru MiyamotoHe said he didn’t have it Nothing against violent video gamesbut no one should expect the next match of Mario It is a shooter with PEGI 18+. Obviously, no one ever thought this could happen.

Speaking to Variety, Miyamoto said his goal is to find ways to make games fun and exciting. Without having to put a gun in the character’s hand.

“I want to make that clear I am not against shooting games and violent games. “There are many mediums that entertain people, but I think my job is to find other ways to make a game that is fun and interesting. I told myself that Mario is a character who never hurts others, so I wanted to find a different way to express Mario.”

Shigeru Miyamoto wouldn’t put a gun in Mario’s hand

Mario has to eliminate various monsters during his adventures, but he is definitely not a violent character. The worst thing that usually happens is that the enemies disappear in a cloud.

In the same interview, Miyamoto said that if we are interested in a new Mario game, we should wait for Nintendo Direct in the future. We also shouldn’t hold our breath waiting for a new chapter for smartphones.

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