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MINI converts its classic models into electric cars using Recharged software

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mini Launched an initiative that allows owners of old classic models the ability to provide them with electricity. The program is called Mini Recharge, led by a dedicated team from the MINI Oxford factory. The idea was born even before the brand launched its own idea The first series electric car. The program was designed after the success in 2018 of the one-off prototype of the classic small electric car shown at the New York Auto Show. Therefore, this team worked on developing a plan to create a matching option to offer to customers who already own the classic Mini.

What the project team develops preserves the character of the classic Mini and allows its fans to fully enjoy its electric performance. With MINI Recharged, we connect the past with the future of the brand.

Convert to an electric car

According to what has been reported, owners of the classic MINI will be able to convert it into an electric car with a specially developed kit. However, Only reversible changes are made. During conversion, each vehicle’s original engine is marked and stored so that it can be reused in the event of a future retrofit of the Classic Mini.

More specifically, MINI replaces the original internal combustion unit with 90 kw electric motor This allows acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h in about 9 seconds. Pool capacity has not been determined but MINI . estimates Autonomy about 160 km. The battery can be recharged with AC current with a maximum power of 6.6 kW.

In addition, every electrified MINI Recharged Classic is equipped with a distinctive center console that now displays additional information such as the remaining range. The conversion work is done exclusively in the United Kingdom. Every vehicle has been converted receives the serial number.

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This conversion software fits perfectly with the MINI strategy Aiming to become a 100% electric brand And embracing the circular economy theme for more sustainability.

For this project, new cars are not produced, but instead are built from already existing and well-liked cars. This allows the classic Mini to start a second, more sustainable life. Today, one in five new MINI models owns an electric unit, and the MINI Recharged project will allow fans of the brand’s classic cars to have an experience that combines the past and the future.

Transfer rates are not announced at this time.

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