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Milan and Sony Pictures together to launch Ghostbusters: Legacy

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Two popular football and film brands, AC Milan and Sony Pictures, unite in an exclusive collaboration: press release

(Source: -“AC Milan NS Sony Pictures We are pleased to announce an exclusive partnership. Sees the beginning of a joint path to produce an evocative project on the occasion of the film Ghostbusters: Legacy, outgoing Italy the following November 18.

The creation of one of two brands that symbolizes great football and great cinema has arisen spot To promote popular movie series Ghostbusters, soon in theaters with Ghostbusters: Legacy. The unmissable new chapter in the saga dedicated to the unforgettable Ghostbusters. This collaboration brings together the tradition of film that has become a cultural phenomenon along with the innovation and generational movement of AC Milan, towards a common goal. The past comes back and the future embraces thanks to a single bond.

The spot witnessed the involvement of four Rossoneri players: Alessio RomanoliAnd Ibrahim DiazAnd Alessandro Florenzi NS Daniel Maldini who improvised themselves as actors during their hilarious interpretation.

The background of the group is Milanello, the beating heart of the Rossoneri team, as the four champions prepare for a mission. Classic suits have been modified for Ghostbusters On the Milan shirts, the captain urges his teammates to be ready for anything. The special guest of the scene is ecto 1, the unmistakable famous car of Ghostbusters, the undisputed protagonist of the upcoming movie.

This is the final claim.No challenge is impossible if the right team is on the field“. An ideal motivational slogan in light of the most important tests. They also participated in the project Franco Baresi, vice Honorary President H Daniel Massaro, Brand Ambassador. hero from U.S teaser video Its events take place in Pliny’s Cinema where they are busy watching the 1984 release.

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The synergy of AC Milan and Ghostbusters exemplifies the two brands’ ability to innovate over time and drive continued appeal. Enter the hearts of present and future generations. The site highlights one of the film’s main themes, the link between the past and the future that come together to face new challenges. A collaboration that brings together different generations of cinema and sports fans in an atmosphere suspended between nostalgia and new and renewable energy.

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