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Microsoft and Activision, the acquisition has been approved by South African antitrust [aggiornata]

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L’acquisition to Activision Blizzard from Microsoft He was Approved by South African AntitrustThe Competition Commission established that the transaction did not entail any risks in terms of competitiveness.

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Legal expert Idas noted that in South Africa, the antitrust commission’s opinion in this positive case must be submitted to the competition court for final ratification. Anyway, the games seem to be over. The original story follows.

“The first concern about competitiveness is whether Microsoft, after completion of the acquisition, Call of Duty distribution restriction to the Xbox platform, or making the game available on other consoles but with restrictions preventing other manufacturers from competing on the same level,” the antitrust document reads.

“The Committee is of the opinion that the transaction in question It is unlikely that these fears will materializeWhere parties lack the capacity or incentive to close the door to major distributors, particularly Sony (PlayStation) and Nintendo (Switch). Furthermore, both parties pledge to continue making Call of Duty available on other consoles.”

The Committee therefore believes that the transaction in question is unlikely to adversely affect competition in the most relevant markets, and that the acquisition Don’t raise any major concerns in the public interest.”

South Africa is one of the many committees that have already expressed a positive opinion on the acquisition of Activision Blizzard, after Chile, Brazil, Japan and others. However, as we know, it is about in all of these cases Non-binding opinions.

So the antitrust authorities of the United States, Europe and England will decide whether and on what terms it is possible to complete the takeover.

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