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Mick Schumacher at Knockout in Canada: “Frustrated, but it’s F1. Reasons? I love this game – 2022

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Mick Schumacher He was an outstanding hero in qualifying for the Canadian Grand Prix. Haas In sixth place, he is slightly behind teammate Kevin Magnusson. However, the young son of the arts left Montreal and came out again with a zero number in the career points box. During the 20 laps of the race, he had to retreat due to a technical malfunction of the car.

On the sidelines of the event, the German driver spoke with the microphones of the newspapers there to make some appropriate considerations. Below are his words uttered by SportSkita.

Retiring Mick Schumacher: “This is Formula 1 …”

Speaking about his weekend in Canada, Schumacher first said: “Obviously it’s very frustrating, but these things happen. This is Formula 1. We have to swallow the pill. Again, we can take a lot of positive things from here. Can’t wait until next weekend.”

He then continued: “Even in tough races, we always knew we had the speed. It was fun to have a good qualification, and we were fast in the race as well.”

Finally he concluded: “Motivation? I’m here because I like this game. I like to drive. Obviously you want to earn what you are fighting for, but unfortunately we did not earn it today. But I hope we get more opportunities. In the future, luck will begin to see us, hopefully. “

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