April 23, 2024

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Michelin’s guide arrived in Canada

Michelin’s guide arrived in Canada

Michelin’s Guide to Canada

According to The Globe and Mail, Red’s first release in Canada will be in Toronto. This is the first time he has driven MichelinIt has been released in more than 30 countries around the world, arrives in Canadian territory, and the launch event will bring together some of the main protagonists of the country’s gastronomic scene, starting with the chefs. Daniel Paulut And Alvin Leung, Both owners of star-studded restaurants around the world. A significant milestone coming at a very opportune moment, after two difficult years marked by an epidemic that caused significant closures and economic crises in the restaurant world. Since the first wave of 2020, the number of consumers who frequently go to restaurants has declined 20% According to data collected by the NPD team. In the first months of 2021, this number dropped further 12%.

Catering in Canada

According to further research, restaurants have recently begun to see the light of day again: the number of customers has increased 18% In the first months of 2022, some places – especially the most desired places – are still struggling to recover. Michelin Canada’s goals are to attract tourists and give hope to local restaurants. According to the 2018 study Stanford Economic ResearchIn fact, the score of a star is roughly translated as gain 15% More for restaurants80% For three stars. “Good news for CanadaThe chef commented See SusanToronto, “But the first thing I asked myself: Why now?“A legitimate interest on the part of the chef, wondering what the next steps will be.”It will be useful for you to be aware of both types of two word expressions.. However, it is hoped today that Spotlight will actually return to the Canadian catering side, which will be further exposed thanks to the critics.

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