Home science For Italy, this is a record number of patents, and fifth in Europe

For Italy, this is a record number of patents, and fifth in Europe

For Italy, this is a record number of patents, and fifth in Europe

I am More than 5000 the Applications submitted by Italy to the European Patent Office (IBO): A Absolute record For our country, which registers A Growth of 3.8% compared to 2022 This is what makes it rise to Fifth place in Europe . the Leading sectors she ” to treat which includes technologies for packaging goods and conveyor belts, ie Transfer And based on Medical technologies . The three companies that top the rankings are Coesia from Bologna, specializing in industrial and packaging solutions, Ferrari and the Iveco Group.

This is an excellent signal for Italy and confirms an important growth trend because in 10 years it has recorded a growth of 38%, which is much higher than the European and global average, Roberta Romano Gosch told the Italian news agency ANSA. By analyzing the report published by the European Patent Office every year, it becomes clear that the sector that has witnessed the greatest growth in patent applications in Italy is the sector Electrical and energy machinery and equipment (+15% compared to 2022) and many inventions related to clean energy technologies are deposited.

Furthermore, 3 Italian regions – Lombardy (11th place), Emilia Romagna (XVII) e Veneto (20°) – appears Among the twenty most innovative in the European Union . “Patent analytics – as Romano Gosch points out – are a kind of antenna for intercepting future innovations, and an excellent indicator for understanding where innovation is going and where the country is heading.”

Data for Italy (with 5,053 patents) show a growth in patent applications above the European average of +1.4%, which places our country in 11th place in the world and 5th in the EU, behind Germany (24,966) and France (10,814 ), the Netherlands (7,033) and Sweden (5,139) but also records a negative figure compared to the rest of Europe: only 23% of applications include a woman, compared to 27% of the European average.

“It is also worth noting the role played by the Polytechnic of Milan – the only university that is among the top 10 in the field of patents in a European country, which is an indicator that a greater understanding of the importance of patents is also beginning to take hold in Italy: Not only for intellectual protection but also to increase access to funds and investors for scientific research, which is an essential element for stimulating innovative industrial ecosystems.”

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