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Meghan Markle broke! Other than the millionaire contracts, the former duchess admits that…

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Meghan Markle, even though she ditches her husband with her husband, the prince mistook the royal family for doing nothing but drawing attention to himself: Here’s the statement that leaves everyone speechless

They met in Toronto and have been inseparable ever since. Meghan Markle had just signed her divorce papers when she met the royal scion looking for a wife. They started dating secretly before, once they attended a party, the whole world knew about their relationship. Obviously, the first to be notified are members of the royal family and, above all, the prince’s grandmother: Queen Elizabeth. It was a shock for her to have to accept that one of her nephews, protected by the crown, had decided to marry a woman who was not only American but also a well-born and divorced. In fact, for those who know the history of the British royal family, they know that if Queen Elizabeth wore the crown well into her 70s, it was because her uncle abdicated her father in order to marry a divorced American.

Meghan’s cultural background is certainly different from that of the rest of the royal family for all those who have become a part of it in recent years: like Matty Middleton.

Meghan Markle is the story in red: the story of Prince Harry’s wife

Certainly when he started taking his first steps in the world of Hollywood, he signed contracts that secured him many important incomes in his bank account. Before asserting himself, he declared that his life had not been easy at all. I always knew I wanted to be an actress and owe her success to her role as Rachel Zane, an aspiring lawyer on the Netflix series, Suits. She gave up her job so she could marry Prince Harry, and receive income only from the Crown.

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Megha, however, is never afraid to part with the riches that come from the royal family. He looked over and over at how his career got off the ground when only $40 could be counted in his account. To date, the mega-millionaire Anna has signed contracts not only with Spotify, but also with Netflix and various publishing houses who are ready to tell her story. In short, it looks like his children Archie and Lilibet shouldn’t have ever survived experiencing the same situation as little Megan who had to sip her account red.

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