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Meeting and shaking hands with LeBron James

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Former captain Naples Lorenzo EnsignToday MLS With a shirt TorontoAlready, along with other new acquisitions, it has made a wonderful impact on the American franchise Federico Bernardeschi.

On a day without work responsibilities, Symbol He took the family to discover the beauty of the new home, and the encounter did not fail to excite fans.

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Criscito sleeps and Insigne … immortalizes him

Day with family (and Criscito) in Insigne, Niagara Falls

Lorenzo Ensign He took advantage of a free day and took his family on a picnic Domenico Criscito (and former family Genoa And Zenith)

First the group went Niagara Fallson the border between America And Canada, One of the most beautiful and popular tourist destinations in the world. Then an amusement park ride, The Canada’s WonderlandAll documented by stories Instagram A former Neapolitan captain.

A meeting with LeBron James at a restaurant

Next stop of the day is lunch at a Japanese restaurant. Casa Moto, A very nice meeting took place between the two Symbol And this NBA superstar LeBron JamesBefore you love me And Cleveland Now under AI Los Angeles Lakers.

Always documented by stories of Neapolitan champions, Symbol He congratulated LeBron pat on the back, Before the latter extended his hand to the Italian son. A nice encounter that Ensign posted with the tag on James’ side and a crown on top King of the NBA.

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10 highest paid in MLS: The legendary King, Bale and Chiellini are not

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