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Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 characters reveal ‘hero’ return

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MSpider-Man 2 It is definitely one of the most anticipated games to be released on the PlayStation 5 console, albeit it seems now A welcome return may have been detectedstraight from the previous games.

After the first season and spin-offs dedicated to Miles Morales (which you can find here on Amazon At a great price), the Marvel Wall Climber is back in a game that promises great things.

Now, after the actor poison It may have announced the game’s release month early, but now it’s an interesting new turn.

As I also mentioned before Radar GamesIn fact, the official business line of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 revealed the potential return of Spider cat.

A number dedicated to Miles Morales the next day Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 Hint to be a sweetheart costume Bodega Cat He could return in the highly anticipated sequel on PS5.

Today (March 23) Hasbro has put up a new Miles collectible for pre-order, which includes an especially juicy detail for fans of the video game series.

If you played the Insomniac spin-off, Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Moralesyou might remember Bodega Cat’s complexion, thanks to a little orange hue Poked from the backpack Miles floating among the rooftops of New York.

Well, the good news is that the same suit could return in the sequel, as the Hasbro figure not only features Miles in his Spider-Man suit, but also Little orange cat Which leaves very little room for imagination.

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It’s sure to please all cute furry animal lovers (also why see Cat in the mask of Spider-Man Certainly not something that happens every day).

Still speaking of Spidey, excellent news has also arrived in recent weeks from Peter Parker’s translator, who confirmed that Insomniac feels confident about the game’s release date.

But that’s not all: the latest commercial by Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 Aired on Australian networks it certainly raised the hype bar in no small way.

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