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Martha Rossi responds to Valebise’s outburst and talks about Sarah

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Dear Valentino, being a victim never brings good things. Especially since each person is responsible for his own actions. There are pregnant women in prison. This does not mean that you have to be kinder, but because they are young and pregnant. And after 25 years, she has already reached the age of majority. It all started with you, or rather with your partner Sarah, and as you well know, I am still annoyed by the rude way you treated friends who supported and loved you. You didn’t even have the courage to write to us privately to tell us what was wrong because deep down you were also ashamed of what you were saying.

And let’s stop talking about followers in 2023… about achieving results etc., because fortunately in life, it’s not about a social network or how you think it is rather it being clear with friends you don’t follow. And you don’t want to continue, because you know very well what your friend told me, and she accused me of copying a video and stealing her identity, when in that video I was singing playfully with my friend. Fortunately, I had the foresight to apologize for the moment of anger you took towards me. It’s also a pity that he unfollowed me after a few weeks, without giving an excuse again and I add, I’m not happy, he blocked me right after Webboh’s last post.

Always put children in the way, even when you have to defend yourself as in this case but children should not be used, they must be protected, and you must protect yourself with your actions, not with an unborn child. Do you know how you made a good impression? apologies. But since you’ve continued, we mean how many other influencers no longer talk to you? We mean how many other people have you argued with or how many couples of influencers with kids have you been accused of copying videos mocking them? All it took was an apology that I, Luca, wasn’t quite twenty years old. Only people who love us enter our home

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