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Mario’s dream come true

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The strange desire that the structure gathered through the national project

Mario Cortez, born in 1929 and resident of the Asiago Rest Home, saw his Christmas wish come true. A delegation from Asiago Hockey visiting the Viale dei Patrioti facility presented the elderly fan with a double gift: a ticket to watch a match at the stadium and a sign signed by all the team’s players.

Mario’s dream was adopted by the Asian Foundation within the national project “Santa’s Descendants” and was finally realized thanks to the interest and commitment of Viola, a young girl from Florence. It was a totally unexpected visit of Mario Cortez Friday morning to the rest of the Asiago house, when he saw captain Asiago hockey appear, Marco Magnaboscovice Michael Stephens and mate Michelle Marchetti, who wear the shirts of Plateau 95, 16 and 68 respectively.

as a die-hard fanMr. Mario immediately recognized the visitors and received their gifts with immense affection: a ticket to go and watch one of their matches in the stadium, the sign signed by all the team members and even the possibility to see it for free and comfortably in the organization of all the matches of the season.

She was the one who did it all Viola MagheriniA young Florentine man met Mario’s wish through the platform “Santa’s Nephews”: Influenced by her passion for the sport that is still very passionate despite Mario’s age, she wasted no time and immediately reached out to the team.

Viola was unable to attend the meeting with the players but sent an affectionate note with the inscription: “ACongratulations to a big fan! Many, many, many wishes for this new year, Mario. wish you the best“.

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Thanks to the generous Viola project and the “grandchildren of Santa Claus”, our guest Mario can continue to pursue his great love of sport: as a retirement home we are very keen to support these passions, and real treats for our guests – commented enthusiastically the President and Rest Home Manager at Asiago, Carlo Arduini and Tania Santi -. Yesterday was also a good moment for us, for management and operators, because Asiago Hockey is a real pride of our territory.”

Source: Asiago Home Comfort Bureau

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