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Manuel Borzozo’s words to Giancarlo Kumari after watching the movie

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born againThis is the title of the movie It will tell the touching story of Manuel Portuzzo It will be broadcast tomorrow evening Rai 1. The actor will play the role of ex-Jivino Giancarlo Kumariwhich before the feature film was broadcast was given to pages People. Skelli said it was not easy to review the story that saw the young protagonist. ManuelWe remember, on the night between February 2 and 3, 2019, he was shot in the back that forced him into a wheelchair, breaking his competitive ascent and Olympic horizon.

Before and during the shooting, I could not meet and confront him because he was inside a house GF Vip. So I read his book very carefully and I can still understand his feelings and what he felt. He has always shown great strength and determination, and he carried the message that in life one must be resilient and be reborn from the ashes. But in those pages there is also the most painful part, which no one knows.

After the attack for a long time Manuel Fight loneliness, surrender, and fragility, and these are the feelings you worked on to fit in with him. I’ve also watched many TV interviews and noticed his gestures: how he moves his hands when he talks, how he reacts when he receives good news. This way I tried to make the character as honest as possible.

But before filming I was a little nervous. Then he saw it Borzozo He is a public figure, the confrontation would have been instant and I risked creating a caricature. The manager came to save me Umberto MarinoWho advised me to create my own Manuel. And so I did.


It’s not easy to represent something you haven’t experienced on your skin, especially a similar tragedy. So I tried to listen. In one scene, I was lying on a hospital bed with IV tubes in my arm, while the people around me were crying. And I said to myself: Think if that’s true, if I were him.

Then came the meeting with the swimmer at the end. And he did not pass by indifference to the promising actor.

It was very emotional. Manuel He just saw the movie and he told me he found himself and saw what he felt on the outside.

Obviously, the movie will also include a father ManuelAnd Franco Portozzowhich you will play Alessio Boni. And speaking of this other character and relationship with the young athlete, Giancarlo He confessed:

I have known misery, and if I have succeeded now, I owe my mother’s courage. Trieste’s athlete envy the strong bond with his father: I left home when I was young.

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