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Mammal Institute in Milan “Last minutes before Mars”

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Milan and Contemporary, Mammal Institute “Last minutes before Mars” makes us live a unique experience, best shared and owned. A spectacular stage and multimedia show originally co-commissioned and co-produced Zone K and Triennale Milano Teatro, Milan’s ITAS in association with Giulio Natta and with support from the Canada Council for the Arts, the Ontario Arts Council and the Canadian Embassy in Italy.

An hour and thirty minute performance, From Friday, March 31 to Sunday, April 2, 2023As part of the Fog Triennale Milano Performing Arts 2023 program, Joanna Kay, in the spaces of the Isola district.

Last minutes before Mars It’s a company show Mammalian diving reflexConceived and directed by Darren O’Donnell, co-directed by Constantin Bock and Alice Fleming; Video 360° consultation by Fi Nicholson, artistic assistance by Chiara Prodi, production by Tina Fance, co-production with support from ZONA K and FOG Triennale Milano Performing Arts, Canada Council for the Arts Arts Apart co-production.

Live performance and virtual realityOne Collective experienceBeing in a room with people who don’t know each other makes you think about how everyone travels Towards a common future; All this engulfed in a thick cloud of smoke, and in the video, a group of young people are sent to settle on Mars. But is this really the solution to the dire problems plaguing our planet? Rather, it is better to understand how to make the Earth a better place for us humans and all other species.

Mammalian diving reflex A Toronto-based institution born in 1993, it is well known for substantial social engagement, artistic performances enriched by authentic collective experiences, events and theoretical texts. Many productions from Japan have been produced in countries such as India, Canada, Australia, USA and Italy, with performances almost all over the world.

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The company has been run since birth Darren O’Donnell, writer, essayist, playwright, novelist, filmmaker, performance director, always knew how to steer the company towards an avant-garde theater capable of transforming the text into an experience where the audience becomes the actor. Her work with the Mammal Institute was named to the Yerba Buena Cultural Center’s Top 100 list of 2016. She has been nominated twice for Germany’s BKM-Preis Kulturelle Bildung and New York’s inaugural Ellen Stewart Award.

Jonah Kay Cultural Association Born in Isola district in 2011 and became a theater in 2013. For this new year and to celebrate 10 years of active work, the creators Valentina Kastlunger and Valentina Picariello have chosen a handbook of terms that best expresses where impurities from different artistic fields are a source of inspiration and research: contemporary, international, participatory, urban, political, citizen, multimedia, project, device. , game. An active presence in contemporary Milan, events that turn into real experiences, theatrical reviews for adults and children, a theater of infinite expressive possibilities, willing to explore new forms of acting. A space that becomes a multidisciplinary laboratory with themes ranging from the most classic to the newest technologies and performance, identity, rights, environmental sustainability, exploring infinite languages. There are many collaborations with Milanese institutions such as Triennale Milano Teatro, Danae Festival, Teatro Out of.

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