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Mamacita/Space at Reggaeton in anticipation of 2022 in the new year in music

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mamasita Sarah Among the greatest New Year’s Eve heroes in music Tonight, December 31, 2021, on channel 5. Christmas was in the name of Reggaeton for the many Italian clubs that hosted Mamacita collective parties: Rome, Milan, Bergamo, Bologna, Treviso and many other dances of the peninsula fired on the notes of the best Latin productions, hip-hop, dirt and R&B moment by moment , expertly mixed by the entire Italian group. It is difficult to define Mamacita in a few words: it is a brand that, in fact, borrows its social definition, it is the number one “” brand of hip-hop entertainment Reggaeton in Italy and abroad.

Mamasita, “Nina” is the most famous piece

Let’s take a closer look at the phenomenon mamasita. Max Pregent – DJ and voice of Radio 105, but also director of Elodie and Ultimo – Andrea Pellizzari – former “Hyena”, radio and TV presenter – Tormento – rapper and producer – along with Rock Stars and Latin Lover ex machina by Mamacita, a group that brings Reggaeton ‘do’ all over Europe by major festivals – Mamacita Festivals took off on stage from Ibiza and Mykonos to Lugano – but also producing songs to dance to, it’s always clear with the Latin name Sabor. It’s impossible not to have heard at least once on the beach, a few summers ago, “Nina,” a production by Mamasita that sees vocalist Didi, a constant presence on the set, accompanied by Sicilian trumpeter and vocalist Roy Bachi: an explosive mix of hip-hop, dance and reggaeton.

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Nina song video

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