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Lucio Caracciolo: “Russia is stronger. Either NATO gets involved, or Ukraine loses the war.”

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Limes manager Lucio Caracciolo in a day’s speech printing Today argue that it contradicts Ukraine there Russia Now it has more weapons, men and vehicles. And what if it was Boy Does not take the field Kyiv You will lose the war. Caracciolo explains that many departments in Rammstein summit It affirms «the diversity of the Atlantic approaches to confrontation, in parallel with the increasing pressure of the Russians in the name of ‘Great Patriotic War 2.0’. This must Open our eyes to the drift of conflict. Continuing to descend this inclined plane, sooner or later the periodic and limited supply of weapons to Ukrainian militants will not be enough. We’ll have to look Send our troops to Ukraine». But this means facing the choice of waging an actual and direct war on Russia. The alternative is to let Moscow prevail. This is an “impossible” crossroads approaching in favor of Moscow. An awareness of the human, moral, and geopolitical costs of the prospect of Kyiv’s collapse can lead us Westerners-Americans European satellite chart – Trying to freeze the fight for the time needed to invent a Peaceful coexistence of Russians and Ukrainians. Otherwise, we will be left with the choice between disaster and shame. Even worse: a combination of the two.

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