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Luca embraces Armando Franchi again: the 99-year-old who emigrated to Canada returns to greet his relatives

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Luca Menesini, President of the Province of Lucca and Mayor of Cappannori, received today (October 27). Armando FranchiThe 99-year-old immigrated to Canada and recently returned to Capannori, where he still has some relatives, and other family members live in Garfagnana.

To welcome immigrants from the province of Lucca as well Ilaria Del BiancoPresident of the Lucchesi nel mondo association and president of the Ave Marchi, Paolo Cresci Foundation for the history of the Lucchese settlement based in the Palazzo Ducale.

Franchi, with enviable clarity, summarized his personal story to company representatives. A native of Vaglie de Chopra, he lived in the lofty Garbagnana until he was thirty. But Vagili refused to be part of the crew of workers building the dam because he knew it was a finished work.

Moved to Canada and currently resides in Toronto. He worked as a railway employee for a couple of years and then worked his way through the entire process in a gold mine, from a simple laborer to management positions in a mining company where he was employed years ago. In the 1970s, he was chosen among the few in Queen Elizabeth’s company to greet her on an official visit to Canada. He returns to Lucca to greet family members and relatives on a regular basis.

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