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Lollipop, it’s deadly in the car: there is nothing more dangerous

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Eating a lollipop on a trip could endanger our lives. Here’s what could happen.

Lollipops in the car – Motori.News

During our car trip, we got hungry and wanted to put something under our teeth, so we bring some simple foods with us to eat something.

But there are some foods that can put our lives at risk and among the most dangerous foods sucker Which is a major cause of road accidents and car deaths.

Lollipop: That’s why it’s dangerous in the car

First of all, it must be said that any kind of food in the car is dangerous, when driving you should focus on the trip and watch the road respecting signs and speed limits.

Lollipops: in the car they are very dangerous
Eating a pacifier while driving could put our lives at risk –

Eating food can not only cause us problems because it can have problems swallowing or a piece may remain in our throat and cause us to cough which can make us slip but we can choke.

In particular, this can happen with some confectionery products such as suckerChewing gum, candy etc which are easily available even during our long journey.

thanks order Autogrill During our journey, we can find any industrial product of a personal nature without any problems sweets Especially in these restaurants abound gummy candyAnd the marshmallow and types sucker more diverse.

Lollipops: in the car they are very dangerous
Sometimes a lollipop during our trip seems to be the right solution to get back the sugars, but we must be very careful –

Especially in hot periods when we expend energy and heat makes us lose fluids, so we want to recharge with some sugars And we choose these products thinking we’re doing something positive that keeps us active while driving.

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But none of this is more wrong because this type of product can pose a real deadly danger to those who drive cars but also to all other passengers, and we should avoid buying these items even for young children.

If we really can’t help but give ourselves a moment to rest and satisfy the cravings in our throats, it’s always best to approach the product, taste it, and then get back on the road.

Children beware

Let’s think about the fact of formation suckerthe stick has a rod caramel bump Which can slip down our throats and cause us to choke or slip.

This may be possible if we find ourselves on a potholed street or if we have to brake hard, our confectionery product may put our lives at risk.

But even a simple chewing gum can cause us such a disaster, and even if we swallow it gives us such a strange feeling that we are distracted and crash into a highway guard post or rail.

Lollipops: in the car they are very dangerous
Lollipops Formation May Cause Choking –

In particular, we must be wary of children, as they are highly attracted to these products and as we explained earlier, in Autogrill They can be fascinated by lollipops of all kinds.

Having a baby on board can be very stressful, especially if he’s prone to tantrums and you often try to calm him down by pleasing him. Candy, candy bears and so on.

But this can be a real danger for the reasons mentioned above and thus if we really have to buy something to keep them away, it is always best to take a soft toy or toy for them and let them eat during the downtime.

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Lollipops: in the car they are very dangerous
Be careful what children eat during the flight because some sweet foods can be very dangerous for them

This way, we will not only have the opportunity to make him relax because the child’s journey is so tiring because of their desire to move and never stay, but this way he will also have the opportunity to feel full and to choose others. way of entertainment.

By promising them to eat their favorite candy once we reach their destination, we will save our child’s life and ours if we give up our sweet tooth for a while.

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