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during the Cannes Film FestivalOn the red carpet for the movie Three thousand years of longing By George Miller, a somewhat unexpected episode has led to a boycott of VIP fashion shows. The hero in question is a woman who managed to reach naked on the red carpet. His body is painted with Ukrainian flag And the red color symbolizes the blood of the victims of the conflict.

Zelensky is also associated with the Cannes Film Festival: the hall welcomes him

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The episode lasted for a short moment because event security quickly took her weight and pulled her from the scene. But the photographers were able to recover it, although the security men tried to cover it up. The writing on the woman’s body was:stop raping usor ‘Stop raping us.’ Inevitably, scenes of women’s protest revolve around the world.

Here are the photos of the woman during her protest:

This is another reflection of war that is also present in an event as elusive as the Cannes Film Festival. First, the official demonstrations of solidarity with the Ukrainian people, and then the direct demonstration with contact on the opening evening with the President. Zelensky. And now this woman’s protest. On the other hand delegate Freemo He had declared: “Everyone is welcome here in Cannes. Except put it in“.

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