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Little Devil Inside, release period may have been revealed from PlayStation database –

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PlayStation game size may have detected a file exit period From The little devil is insideappears to have been assigned toWinter 2022“.

For starters, PlayStation Game Size is a Twitter account that keeps a close eye on changes in the internal PlayStation database. In the past, it has been previously revealed with exact release dates that the preload start and download size of several games that have made it to the PlayStation Store.

In response to a user who asked about the release period for Little Devil Inside, the PlayStation game volume replied “Winter 2022”, we assume based on information in the PlayStation database.

The same release period was also spotted in the PlayStation Instagram ad, but at that time there were many doubts about the reliability of the information, since the dates specified for other games in the video did not match.

In any case, “winter 2022” is a very vague indicator. Winter runs from December 21 to March 20, so Little Devil Inside could technically arrive in the last days of 2022 or early 2023.

For now, however, we’d recommend taking the indiscretion with pliers and waiting for official communications from Neostram, hoping we don’t have to wait too long: the last time we saw Little Devil Inside in action was at Sony’s State of Play. last October.

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