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In December, he went looking for Xenomorphs with the new free game

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Redmond House continues to reserve surprises for its fans, and it has already done so Generation Zero launched on Game Pass Unannounced announcing the reopening of the “Hunt for the Xenomorphs” season, the new game hits the Xbox Game Pass subscriber catalog in December.

The next unexpected invasion of space monsters involving Game Pass subscribers will occur in a few days with the arrival of Elite alien fire team, a cooperative shooter developed by cold iron.

Set in the homogeneous dimension emerging from the space cinema universe, the title encourages users to wear shoes colonial marines To counter the invasion of Xenomorphs: To succeed in the project, soldiers can count on an arsenal of 30 different types of weapons and 70 modifications to share in the hope that the prepared defenses will withstand the impact of the attacks of aliens.

Xenomorphs, for their part, are divided into 11 different species and boast their own evolutionary cycle based on the progress of battles. Aliens Fireteam Elite is set to arrive on Xbox Game Pass December 14, whether on PC or on Xbox One and Series X / S. Also on December 14, Cold Iron plans to launch season 2 From a co-op shooter with an overtone of horror.

The season will be accompanied by a new situation defense point, reformulate statistics and enter 4 weapons, with further incentives to add accessories, new challenge cards, and customizations to the alternate’s appearance. If you want to know more about this title, we remind you that on these pages you can read our title Aliens Fireteam Elite Review Signed by Giovanni Panzano.

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