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Lightyear: Pete Docter on the film’s commercial failure | Cinema

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last year, with Light yearPixar is finally back on the big screen after its last three productions. spiritAnd Luca And redfrom Mickey’s House streaming exclusively on Disney Plus.

though, Light year It was a huge flop for the flagship grossing 226 million at the box office against a budget of around 200. Sure, Disney animation It has been considered worse than it was a few months ago strange world Worldwide, only $73.6 million versus 180, but it’s safe to say that the outlook is toward the pre- Toy Story They were completely different.

Speaking to The Wrap, Pixar’s chief creative officer, Docter House, he was able to contemplate the disaster of the film. This is his thinking:

We’ve done a lot of digging into why we all love this movie. We love the characters and the premise behind them. Speaking of what went wrong, I think we probably asked a lot of the audience. When you hear the name Buzz you think “Great! Where are Mr. Potato Woody and Rex?”. Only then did we release it in that science fiction context that, perhaps, offended the public. Even if people had read and seen the material that was released to the press, it might have been a movie a long way off, both conceptually and in terms of the aesthetic characterization of the characters, compared to what they were used to. It was more of a science fiction story. And our director, Angus MacLane, has the merit of taking everything seriously and honestly in wanting to suggest these characters in “TRUE”. But Toy Story characters are so different and diverse, and because of this, I think there’s been a disconnect between what people want and expect and what Pixar is giving them.

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