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LIDL Products | Where did these come from? The baffling truth

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What is the origin of LIDL products? What is the appropriateness of the relationship between quality and price? You will be astounded.

LIDL productsThey have been the basis of many people’s daily or weekly shopping for decades. The German company is very present in Italy and a large part of its thirteen thousand discount stores are located in our part of the world.

LIDL Discount Store Entrance (Pixabay)

The fact that it is a discount store sometimes leaves those who used to shop for home at other beaches to turn their noses. In fact, it is legitimate to ask the question: Where do LIDL products come from?

Does the fact that they are cheap goods also raises questions? actually come of quality stuff? In fact, there are some striking examples that can easily leave you speechless, not just about the origin of LIDL products.

There are approved positions that put some of these LIDL products on everyone’s lips. But not on the downside as you might already think. There is one example in particular And it’s really an icon in that sense.

LIDL products, where do they come from and how affordable are they actually? Examples

Directly from LIDL it is possible to find what it is The best face cream. This is the Cien Q10 Day Creamwhich – which It costs only 2.99 euros. And this in some recent quality tests has clearly beaten other more famous and more expensive competitors in this segment. And whose commercials are shown on TV on a daily basis.

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Carts running in LIDL
LIDL parked cars (Pixabay)

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In any case, there is something to be reassured in other areas. Because the merchandise offered for sale by LIDL is, for the most part, a sub-brand of well-known brands. Also thanks to this, it is possible to combine quality and affordability.

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There is for example “Riso Robigna” that has been linked For the well-known brand “Riso Scotti”. and ‘fresh feta’ breasola, Which instead answers to Beretta. And again related to breakfast products from “Realforno” Actually in Colosse. All of these brands can be found at LIDL.

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Even ice cream is no exception, with Eskim items They respond directly to Algida And classic truffle ice cream instead You must return to Sammontana. So you have to be safe and spend the money appropriately.

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