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Lidl: Line up all | Tobacconist: How much does he earn

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Lidl’s shout-out promotion, how much does a tobacco seller earn and 2023 pension increase: Here are all the hot topics of the week.

lined up all of LidlA true champion of Summer 2022. Just think of having one
A new promotion is driving customers crazy, to the point that soon the product will not be found anywhere.

A reference number for many people who go to cigarette sellers every day to buy different types of products, moreover, many wonder how much a person actually earns cigarette seller.

One of the hot topics of the week one Change in INPS . Pensions Starting in 2023 due to the increase in the ISTAT index. So let’s get into the details to see all there is to know about him and above all what happens.

Lidl, an opportunity not to be missed: everyone wants it and it costs only € 14.99

New promotion that drives customers crazy Lidl that offers a product that everyone wants for only 14.99. But what is this? Well, starting from Thursday, July 7, the promotion of the SilverCrest anti-cellulite massager has begun. The latter was proposed, in fact, at a price of 14.99 euros.

This tool provides the ability to message Horizontally and vertically with greater effect thanks to the presence of six wheels. Practical and easy to use, please note that it has a three-year warranty starting from the date of purchase. A very popular product, with an excellent quality / price ratio.

I work, how much does a tobacco seller earn: everything you need to know

Without a doubt, the most famous and appreciated works could not fail to include the tobacco seller. A reference figure for many people, many wonder How much does a tobacco seller actually earn. Well, as you can imagine, a prior answer cannot be given. This is because the final gain is affected by several factors.

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Consider not only possible rental costs, but also taxes, as well as, of course, for example, the number of cigarette packs and shipping cards sold. According to the ISTAT data, it is possible to conclude that a file The average income of a tobacco seller is about 1,300 euros per month. However, there are those who managed to earn more, and were able to return home Up to 5 thousand euros per month.

Pension, increases from 2023: Who is eligible

Good news coming for many Pensioners who from 2023 will be able to benefit from a change in the amount of the allowance due to the increase in the Istat. In particular, the rising cost of living will result in having to deal with a formal reassessment in 2023.

Hence, going into details would be appreciated Monthly increase between 10 and 50 eurosto which are added arrears due to the calculation difference between the 1.7% index applied this year and the 1.9% index that will, in fact, be applied in 2023. Between 500 and 2,400 euros per month.

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