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Lidl, do not miss your garden proposals

Lidl, do not miss your garden proposals

The amazing offers in Lidl supermarkets for our green spaces, let’s find out together about them and why they can be convenient.

Lidl offers green spaces
Plants (Image via Canva) – Ecoo.it

there spring It has already arrived if we want to Beautifying Our garden or balcony, but we don’t know where to start. Lidl brings us really innovative ideas.

If you start from zero Naturally, creating a green space inevitably leads to expensesbut even in this there is a file Solutionwhich allows us to do so supermarket They are plants we can buy for less 9 euros.

Plants, Lidl Deals

Not only plants For us, but with arrival Easter Holiday If we feel like not picking an Easter egg, we can for some family lovers Vegetation at real expense insignificant Think of one plants. find less than Six euros Among the plants that can be placed in the garden, for less than two euros, we will find zonal geraniums and spring plants for less than five euros.

Lidl offers green spaces
Plants (Image via Canva) – Ecoo.it

For the most creative and original people, no problem. Lidl offers many possibilities, such as a Beautiful Decorative ceramic vase below Five euros. On the other hand, if our plant is to be a gift for some family member, here are the different offers:

  • Easter basket with flowering plants for less than 5 euros;
  • Easter Bunny with Kalanchoe for less than €5;
  • Kalanchoe in an Easter package for less than 6 euros;
  • Easter plants for less than seven euros;
  • wood-shaped Easter plants for less than six euros;
  • Kalanchoe in a decorative earthenware pot for less than €5.

These are some of the offers available in the supermarket Lidl. Excellent for placing in our green spaces, but also perfect Reward yourself. a’Occasions Just to save some money, but in the meantime create a really original and beautiful space.

More gift ideas

Lidl offers green spaces
Flowers (Image via Canva) – Ecoo.it

For our friends or girlfriends, but also for parents or relatives, another alternative could be it packages. Lidl also offers various offers in this case let’s see what we are talking about:

  • a bunch of XXL roses for less than four euros;
  • a bunch of yellow roses for less than three euros;
  • a bouquet of tulips for less than three euros;
  • Mixed flower bouquet for less than four euros.

At this point, we just have to run to supermarket To take everything we need to make a welcome gift or to decorate our garden.


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