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Legnano football, what a debut for Ponzi! Home win at home in fourth place Vado in the standings (0-2)

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I’m going (4-3-3): Cyril; Ghigliotti (from 64′ Tinti), De Bode, Bane, Ropolo (from 64′ Spanu); Capano, Milli, Diglio (from ’84’ ​​Castellitto); Di Rienzo (from 60° Manu), Lo Bosco (from 74° Bingo), Capra. Subs: Ascioti, Cenci, Casazza and Lagorio. Coach: Dido.
Legnano (3-5-2): Ravarelli; Zeroli, Arpino, Cosentino; M. Connie (from 60° Tallarico), Vernucci, Donnarumma, or. Kony (from 86° Colombo), Lucio (from 81° Pagani); Rocco, Banfi (from 81′ Basso Cerati). Subs: Pallavicini, Barbie, Benedetti, Gianni, Bianchi. Coach: Bonzi.
Scorers: 43′ Arpino (left), 52′ M. Kony (left).
RuleVerrocchi of Sulmuna.

If good morning begins in the morning, then Legnano He has a reason to smile. Indeed, the new course begins with significant success Pontuswhich He made his debut with 0-2 at Fado home, who made his debut for the match as the fourth powerhouse in the group. For purple in the goal Urbino At the end of the first half and Mamadou Kony at the beginning of photography. with this win, Legnano even goes up 5 positionsupon arrival Seventh place with 22 points. Next week it will be Stresa To visit Lilac Almerre, returning from a home defeat against leaders Sestri Levante.

The first half is a monologue from Lilac leading the game and cornering the Ligurian defense, which He surrenders in the 42nd minute when logged in close Urbinowho picks up a loose ball after a header from his wing partner Cosentino and scores from 0 to 1. At the start of the second half, Gigliotti had the chance to make it 1-1 with a corner kick, but Lilac’s back keeper escaped. A few minutes pass and Mamadou Kony closes the match Exploiting the opposing goalkeeper’s uncertainty. The final balance sends them into the match instead Capra kicked outallowing Legnano to manage the final match with ease.

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