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Legambiante Catania aerospace 47 olive trees neighborhood angels guardian of theft

Legambiante Catania aerospace 47 olive trees neighborhood angels guardian of theft

The episode to which we want to draw attention begins with the theft, the mysterious disappearance of the olive tree donated to the community and planted in Via Gramignani 128 during the reopening ceremony on March 26, 2023.

Our participation and donation is a very symbolic gesture.” He claims Viola Sorbillo, President of Legambiente Catania, “We accepted an invitation Città dei Ragazzi with renewed synergy, happy to donate trees and plants to the center but above all to the neighborhood and its inhabitants “.

A few days before the end of Easter, this act of excommunication once again brings to light what we might define as the extreme respect for Reese Publicaa A clear sign of rejection of those who may not accept or acknowledge the existence of other truths , as Spazio 47 and CAG volunteers. “We joined the opening of the Proximity Center, Boys City, with an introduction and a collective promise from all participants to sponsor the new space. Hand in hand, taking on the responsibility that every active citizen must guarantee to himself, first of all, and therefore to the spaces and places he inhabits ”continues Viola Sorbillo.

On the morning of March 26, many realities appear in Via Gramignani 128: public and private bodies, associations, volunteers, families and individual citizens, at the gates of what aims to be a reception and support center for the fragility of an abandoned neighborhood in itself. during theFamilies’ Feast “, which received more than 300 visitors, the proximity and “future” initiatives linked to the promotion and protection of the territory and the environment, legality, inclusion, and care for places of common interest were launched.. Among these initiatives, we sincerely thank Legambiente for the donation of trees and plants for the redevelopment and enhancement of the green spaces inside and outside the structure. Viola Sorbillo with Marco Barbarossa, President of Spazio 47 With four hands they planted a small olive treeAnd To cultivate a message of peace and decorating the outdoor flower beds in front of the structure, right in front of it Comprehensive school Livio Tempesta. Real party! To the sound of the traditional tarantula performed by the “Sicilian fiddlers”, between dancing and joy, there was no shortage of joy among those who reviewed Boys City At the heart of a renewed desire to build ‘the community’ together.

A gesture that hurts us, but it doesn’t stop us. A sign that reflects the difficulty of redeveloping certain contexts but increasingly reinforces our focus on presence and inclusion,” he says Mark BarbarossaAnd President of the Space 47 Proximity Hub. “olive Treehas a very deep meaning, because it has always been a Symbol of peace, perseverance and resistance. It is a symbol of life, due to its longevity, and the ability to defeat adversity thanks to its ability to be reborn after a fall. A sort of apparent death and rebirth, which takes us back to the period of Holy Easter, and to the values ​​we feel alive, in the confidence that through cooperation in understanding and resilience, even the most hostile environments can generate abundance, fertility and cooperation.”

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